How to get certified

A school whose program meets or exceeds our minimum standards of training may apply for registration as CYS. The certification recognizes that the training program yoga teacher meets the standards developed by Yoga Alliance International and that training is conducted by experienced instructors and certified pre-YAI. 
Once a school is registered, all graduates of a CYS are eligible to enroll in YAI as certified yoga teachers CYT at a discounted rate. 

Yoga Alliance Africa and YAI reserves the right to suspend or revoke the registration of CYS based on evidence that the school no longer meets the standards of CYS.

To certify your school in South Africa with Yoga Alliance International fill out our application form and submit the required documents as indicated on our application. Once your application has been approved there is a once off payment for a lifetime membership. Email your application to taryn[@]

Once your school is certified, students will have the assurance and confidence that you meet all high international standards and ethical training. 
All students who take a course of training through a YAI registered school will be eligible to be certified internationally. 
If you want to certify your school, please go to: "Standards and Forms"


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